How to master fear of failure and fear of success 1 Simple thing podcasts.

For those who like pod casts, here are two 15 minute podcasts I delivered on the Dave Kirby show for entrepreneurs, 1 Simple Thing. One podcast is on mastering fear of failure and the second one is on mastering fear of success. Dave is a great interviewer and we cut to the chase to give you valuable, immediately applicable information to use.

Blast Through Fear of failure.

The podcast. Blast Through the fear of failure with Dr.TC.North

Here is the one simple action to begin to master fear of failure. Play to win. Decide what is important to you and give it everything you’ve got. Not 99%. 100%. That can be your family life, your business life, or both of those. Play to win and don’t be attached to the outcome because you don’t control the outcome.

Overcome fear of success

The podcast. Fear of success? Why would you be afraid of success? Find out on 1 Simple Thing podcast with executive coach TC North.

Here is the one simple action to take to begin to master fear of success. Focus on creating “AND solutions”. If you want your business to be outstanding what is the “AND solution” where you can add one more thing that other businesses like you haven’t figured out how to do. The podcast explains the value of the “AND solution“.

Mastering fear requires that you take action.

Executive Coach Dr. TC North on ColoradoBiz TV with Associate Editor Lisa Ryckman. “Fearless Leaders” book Part 3: Develop Mindful Power.


Lisa: Let’s talk about the third defining characteristic of Fearless Leaders. Tell us about that.

Dr. North: The third defining characteristic is thinking with mindfulness. And, Lisa, I am so excited to bring in this. This is an evolution of my own work with leaders, to teach mindfulness in the success psychology of leadership.

Lisa: So what is mindfulness exactly? Read More

Dr. TC North, Co-author of Fearless Leaders on ColoradoBiz TV with Associate Editor Lisa Ryckman. Part 2: Becoming a mindset master.

Lisa Ryckman: Let’s talk about the second fearless leaders defining characteristic. Tell us about that.

Dr. North: The second one is mindset master. I love this one. This is pure performance psychology. It’s what I’ve been doing pretty much all of my life, starting with athletes and working now with business leaders.

So being a mindset master has three parts. The first part is: What do you do to prepare so that when you show up at an important event – whether that’s as a leader, a salesperson or a family member – if something is really important to you? Are you preparing your mind so that you show up with the right emotions? Do you need to be excited, do you need to be relaxed, do you need to be really happy, do you need to be laid back, mellow and just listen? You really have to know what those emotions are and you have to create them before you get there. Read More

Dr. TC North, Co-author of Fearless Leaders, on ColoradoBiz TV with Associate Editor Lisa Ryckman


I am very excited about this four-part ColoradoBiz TV series on my Fearless Leaders book. Here is the first interview on the first Fearless Leaders’ defining characteristic, “Act with inspiring courage”.

Lisa Ryckman: So tell us about your book.

Dr. North: I’m very excited about the book. Fearless Leaders is based around four defining characteristics and 12 success secrets of fearless leaders. It was originally written for business leaders, but what we found is that because it’s different than most leadership books – it’s really about how do you lead yourself, and how do you think to lead yourself well so that you can be a great leader for others – Read More

Positive mindset, or the right mindset is foundational to success

If business leaders put as much emphasis on preparing their minds for success as world-class athletes do, they would likely be much more relaxed, confident and extraordinary! Read More