Do you control fear, or does fear control you?

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

Do you have the courage to fail in order to succeed? Fearless Leaders don’t like to fail. Some even say they hate to fail, but paradoxically, they learn to accept failure as an inevitable part of success. It turns out that the most enlightened leaders actually view their failures as … Read More

Have confidence under pressure –summarized from my book Fearless Leaders

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a world champion athlete in the final moments before they compete? Jeremy Bloom, a three-time world champion freestyle skier describes with great candor exactly what he was thinking in the minutes before having to lay it all on the line at a world championship. Read More

Why does Payton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play football, have a coach?


Like all professional and college athletes as well as many of the best CEOs and executives in the world, coaching improves his success. A coach’s job is to stretch, challenge, support, reward and celebrate those he or she coaches. Read More

Creative thinking is highly a highly valued business characteristic

“Think Different” was one of the most successful ad campaigns for Apple®. Thinking radically different paid off for the company, and it would’ve for me if I’d purchased Apple’s stock when I was considering it at $8 a share (it’s now around $650 a share)! Not only did the phrase “Think Different” represent Apple’s unique platform that helped propel it to greatness, but it also defined the process of being creative. Here’s a thought from one of the most creative writers of all time: Read More