Be more confident under stress – be a high performer when under pressure by changing one word of your self-talk.

“Inner talk is one of the most effective, least utilized tools available to master the psyche and foster life success.” – “Psychology Today”

Recently, a client I’ll call Ava changed one word in her self-talk and increased her self-confidence to a level of eight out of a possible 10 from a two out of 10 (where zero is no confidence and 10 is the most confidence she has ever had). Read More

High-performance organizational cultures are different.

Most leaders of high-performing workplaces and organizations know the importance of having an inspiring vision, differentiating strategy, excellent execution and culture that brings out the best in individuals and teams.

There are also some traits I’ve found that are common to high-performance business organizations and high-performing world-class sports teams. What makes them different from other organizations? Below are seven distinguishing characteristics of high-performance cultures based in high-performance psychology. Read More

Feeling unmotivated? How about burned out?

When you are engaged in tasks that don’t challenge you, you’re likely to be bored, unmotivated and not highly productive. Conversely, when you take on challenges that are significantly more difficult than your competency (skill level) for those challenges—you may find yourself frustrated, even angry … and reach emotional burnout. Read More

You can control your stress response with mindful breathing

While thinking about the best way to teach optimal relaxation using breathing, I heard a commercial for a Sleep Number bed and had a eureka moment: I could teach breath relaxation using a relaxation number! Your relaxation number is the ideal length of your inhalation and exhalation, and it’s a number you must identify for yourself. But before doing so, let’s look at why controlling your breathing can be a powerful stress control technique. Read More

Higher consciousness is needed for mindful leadership


“Consciousness is contagious.”
– Sigmund Freud

Increasing your consciousness is like climbing your inner mountain. You can see and perceive more as you ascend. The bigger your perspective, the greater number of possibilities you have or can create. Read More