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…Small group executive coaching for Denver metro entrepreneurs who choose to be great!

The Fearless Leaders™ CEO Forum for Entrepreneurs is a unique, small-group CEO and entrepreneur coaching program to significantly improve your business, personal and spiritual lives. It has a high-performance culture and coach that can rapidly accelerate you to become a high-performer in all aspects of your life.

“Executive coach, Dr. TC North helped me personally to reconnect with my vision and create a great plan. He helped me redefine my partner’s and my roles to better use our strengths and create a more effective partnership and increased my productivity to a level I never dreamed possible.”
— Tad Lyle, Partner, Business Advisors


The wisdom and teachings of a master Executive and leadership coach, Dr. North.


  • Use the “Top Success Secrets of World-Class Athletes and Entrepreneurs

    “(any one of these top secrets could catapult your success.)

  • Identify and resolve conscious and subconscious success blocks, which may help you create a fortune!
  • Develop the mental toughness of a world-class athlete.
  • The experience of being part of, and learning how to build, a high-performance team.
  • Peer-group problem solving, camaraderie and support.
  • Referrals. The culture of this group is to give … and openly receive. We pay it forward.
  • A focused personal, spiritual, and business plan and an implementation process almost guarantees you’ll achieve over 90% of your goals.
  • A high-performance executive coach with 26 years of experience who will challenge and stretch you.

Requisites – This select group is for up to 12 entrepreneurs who are:

  • Impeccably ethical.
  • In business and have made money for at least three years.
  • Very motivated to create a high-performance business, greater personal success and deep spirituality.
  • Already involved in a spiritual or religious practice.
  • Coachable.
  • Accepted into the program after interviewing with Dr. North.

Fearless Leaders:

  • Members are successful small businesses owners or solo practitioners.
  • Meet the first Tuesday of the month from 1-5 p.m..
  • Team members rotate hosting our sessions at a location of their choice.
  • Enjoy a planning retreat every year, and create their personal/spiritual and business visions and annual plans. They also do in-depth work to overcome their conscious and subconscious blocks to success and have a lot of fun during the whole retreat!

The Program – We meet once a month for a four-hour session in the Denver Boulder area and have a two-day retreat once a year. Group members work closely in pairs to help focus and support one another throughout the month.

Number of participants – Up to 10 people in noncompeting businesses

Total investment : $367 a month for at least 6 months.

Guarantee: If, after attending two monthly programs, you don’t believe you’ll receive great value from the Fearless Leaders, CEO Forum for entrepreneurs, you may leave with a full refund. There are no refunds after the second month, and you’ll be responsible for the full 6 months. Most Fearless Leaders team members continue well beyond the initial six months because of the value of the group and individual relationships.