When the conscious and subconscious minds align — everything is possible.

Have you been struggling to meet or exceed your financial, business and personal goals? Do you know that you haven’t reached your potential but don’t really know what’s holding you back? It may not be what you think! What holds most people back are conscious and subconscious blocks. Most of us go through life limiting our happiness and success without knowing it. We work hard and try hard, but sometimes it seems like we’re running uphill with 10-pound weights on our ankles … in the mud.

Take a moment now to imagine what you and your life would be like if you could identify what was holding you back and then immediately blast through these blocks. Would you have greater peace of mind, financial security, more opportunities, greater success? What would your life be like?

I believe you have the right to be exceptional and happy — this is my definition of a high performer. Everyone has the potential to be exceptional at something and to be happy; it’s your choice whether you want to become a high performer. To become a high performer, you need to develop a strong mental game that includes courage, confidence, mental toughness, emotional intelligence and resilience.

Most business coaching focuses on knowledge and skills. With Dr. North as your coach, you not only gain valuable knowledge and improve your skills but you’ll also strengthen the mental aspects required for high-performance success and you’ll identify and resolve your conscious and subconscious blocks to success. Very few business coaches in the world can help people identify and resolve blocks (think “being stuck”), but this is one of Dr. North’s specialties. You will work with a scientifically based technique that Dr. North developed and published in a scientific journal. Resolving your blocks will have a life-changing impact for you, both personally and professionally.

Most folks who engage in this executive coaching program experience massive breakthroughs to greater success.Highly motivated executives, entrepreneurs and sales professionals love this high-performance executive coaching because they understand, just like world-class athletes, that BIG breakthroughs come from improving their mental game. When your conscious and subconscious minds are fully aligned, life flows and everything is possible.

Call (303) 665-8920 or email to set up your free consultation. What do you have to lose? It’s gratis! But what do you stand lose if you don’t reach your goals — if you stay blocked forever?

In the initial gratis conversation, we discuss your goals and how you can attain them faster. If you decide high-performance executive coaching with Dr. North might improve your life, he will provide you with tailored options of working together to achieve your breakthroughs. His work is fast and permanent. Here are a few brief examples:

Judy the designer was an entrepreneur who struggled for several years with a staff of about 10. She had no profits and was only taking enough money out of the company to survive. Judy created a loving, supportive culture, but her team was under performing because it was too unfocused and unstructured. In her coaching with Dr. North, she strengthened the goal-directed, driven part of herself; resolved a childhood belief and fear that kept her from being her true self. Her conscious and subconscious minds aligned. This allowed Judy to create a business plan for her team that included accountability for each person. Over the next five years, she grew her company into a small, internationally famous firm where people loved to work. She not only became profitable but achieved a net profit margin of 20%: 400% higher than her industry’s average.

John the manufacturer engaged in TC North’s 12-week executive coaching program because his revenues were flat and he was frustrated. In his executive coaching, he identified a couple of blocks. One was a strategic difference he had with his partner and his other business consultant, which left him thinking in circles, stressed and unhappy. This was resolved quickly with Dr. North’s in-depth technique to change conscious and subconscious belief systems. He also couldn’t figure out what would motivate his sales people and had a mental block with sales. He identified the blocks, resolved them and developed a breakthrough in how he was commissioning his sales people. John’s company sales skyrocketed from $6 million to over $11 million in 11 months, exceeding his goals.

Larry, a VP of sales began with a set of goals that represented those of many executive coaching clients: to become a high performer, increase confidence, be an A player and lead by example, decrease fear of rejection, be more present with his wife and kids and make more money. In his high-performance executive coaching, Larry made great progress in all of these areas and was completely satisfied at the end of three months. He came to fully own one of the high-performance principles, “No whining, complaining or excuses,” which he says is a life changer!

Dr. TC North is based in Denver/Boulder, CO USA, and works with clients throughout the world.

“TC North is a great executive coach and mentor and will help you overcome organizational
and individual blocks to success, which will accelerate you becoming the leader you can be.”
— Mariano Delle Donne, President, Adventos

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*Dr. North is in the Denver Boulder area for local in-person appointments. He will travel to you, or coach you by phone, if you are outside of this area.